8th RAMSES newsletter

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Welcome to the eighth RAMSES Newsletter!

In this edition of the RAMSES eNewsletter, we would like to inform you about the upcoming 3rd Stakeholder Dialogue. 


3rd RAMSES Stakeholder Dialogue

Understanding vulnerabilities, assessing economic gains and unlocking the transformative potential of climate adaptation in cities

4th October 2016 (09.00-17.00) 

Rome (Italy), Casa della Città, Piazza Giovanni da Verrazzano no. 7

Registration is now open for the 3rd Stakeholder Dialogue taking place on 4th October 2016, in Rome (Italy). The Stakeholder Dialogue is the last in a series of three organised by the RAMSES Project and this final edition will focus on “Understanding vulnerabilities, assessing economic gains and unlocking the transformative potential of climate adaptation in cities”. This Stakeholder Dialogue represents a unique opportunity for cities and urban adaptation experts and practitioners to benefit from direct access to the interim results of RAMSES, share their experiences and provide feedback to further guide RAMSES research.

The aim of RAMSES has been, from its very beginning, to deliver much-needed quantified evidence of the impacts of climate change and the costs and benefits of a wide range of adaptation measures, focusing on cities. In the 4 years since the start of the project, RAMSES has produced a tremendous volume of research outputs that can support decision-making in European cities. The project is now moving into finalising its last key deliverables.

The 3rd Stakeholder Dialogue will provide a unique opportunity to gather insights into some of the project’s core research topics such as:


  • Understanding climatic and socio-economic risks and vulnerabilities in citiesHow can Europe-wide vulnerability assessments support cities in planning for adaptation action? What are the limits of such assessments and how can cities build on this high-level information to tailor data to their local context?
  • Assessing the costs and benefits of climate change and adaptation: How can the ‘cost methodology’ developed by the London School of Economics support cities in identifying the most effective climate change adaptation strategies? Can cities use the methodology to understand more about their economic makeup and its vulnerability to climate change?
  • Exploiting the transformative potential of climate adaptation and designing pathways to resilience: Can the multi-criteria analyses available provide cities with a clear way to select adaptation actions and help create a pathway to urban resilience?

The knowledge provided by RAMSES experts including the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research, the Tyndall Centre at Newcastle University, the London School of Economics and Tecnalia will be shared and discussed with stakeholders in a two-way dialogue, whose results will contribute to the finalization of the last RAMSES research outputs.

Launch of "On Urban Resilience“, the RAMSES audio-visual guidance tool for cities at 3rd Stakeholder Dialogue

The Stakeholder Dialogue will also host the launch of "On Urban Resilience“, a web-based tool developed by Climate Media Factory that will connect more than 100 short interview sequences from 33 climate change adaptation and resilience experts from within and beyond the RAMSES Consortium.

The tool will support policy makers and city stakeholders to assess climate change impacts and adaptation options for cities in an interactive way.

The 3rd Stakeholder Dialogue will target specifically European cities, regional and national authorities, and urban adaptation practitioners and experts. Due to the limited availability of places, registration requests from these core groups will be prioritised.

The 3rd RAMSES Stakeholder Dialogue is free of charge. The programme and the link to register for the event are available at: http://www.ramses-cities.eu/events/.

For more information, please contact info@ramses-cities.eu.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Rome!


Europe The work leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme under Grant Agreement No. 308497
Project RAMSES - Reconciling Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable Development for Cities.