12th RAMSES newsletter

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Welcome to the twelfth RAMSES Newsletter!

In this edition of the RAMSES Newsletter, we would like to inform you about the last RAMSES training event, which will take place in Bonn (Germany).

 I) RAMSES 2nd Training Event (Bonn) 

II) RAMSES supports Open European Day 


2nd Training Event

After successful 1st RAMSES Training Event in Athens, registration is open for 2nd and last Training Event in Bonn (Germany)

3-4 April 2017

At the 1st Training Event in Athens, numerous cities, including Athens (Greece), Belgrade (Serbia), Milan, Rome and Turin (Italy), Malaga and Barcelona (Spain) and Sfantu Gheorghe (Romania), were introduced to the most relevant RAMSES findings, including the RAMSES Handbook and Training Package developed by ICLEI and Tecnalia, the tool developed by the World Health Organisation to assess the costs deriving from extreme heat in cities and the cost assessment framework developed by the London School of Economics to understand which adaptation measures can combat the effects of extreme heat on a city given a particular economic makeup. Furthermore, participants were trained on the use of the audiovisual platform www.on-urban-resilience.eu, where cities can find expert advice on crucial adaptation topics just with the click of a button.

Cities got the opportunity to use the handbook to create a scenario and select different adaptation measures, reflect upon their effectiveness and evaluate different adaptation financing options. The tools presented, said some of the participants, will support us greatly in making an informed decisions on adaptation.

On the 3-4 April 2017 in Bonn, Germany, the 2nd and last Training Event for cities will be held. This event will feature, further to the topics already presented in Athens, contributions by VITO on the creation of climate scenarios to evaluate the effectiveness of adaptation measures, and by the University of Trondheim on how to evaluate the resilience of architecture and infrastructure in cities.

The training is open to cities exclusively.

The event is free of charge and limited funds for reimbursing travel and accommodation costs are available.

Register now via our online registration form.



Open European Day

RAMSES supports the Open European Day at Bonn Resilient Cities

3 May 2017, Bonn (Germany)

The 4th Open European Day at the Bonn Resilient Cities conference will bring together European cities and key adaptation actors from different organizations to exchange on climate adaptation and urban resilience. Previous years’ editions have been welcomed as inspiring and informative due to their particular emphasis on interactive exchange and discussions. In each case, they hosted around 125 participants and a wide range of cities at various stages of adaptation development, as well as adaptation and climate experts and professionals.

As in previous years, the Fourth Open European Day will focus on city-to-city exchange on urban adaptation and its format will facilitate even more interactive discussion and sharing of experiences. This year’s Open European Day will also include interactive workshops around key themes. In each workshop, a city will present a real-life challenge and during the workshop, participants will explore solutions to these challenges. These challenges will span across three themes:

  • Transformation – As part of adapting to climate change, cities can transform the structures and systems in place by and for their citizens.
  • Innovation – A combination of high and low-tech solutions, creative technology-based infrastructure and communication solutions, and forward-thinking governance models are needed to tackle the complex challenges arising from climate change.
  • Co-creation – Well-adapted cities involve citizens in actively shaping their urban environment.

This year, RAMSES is one of the supporting projects of the Open European Day, and will contribute to a successful edition through the vast knowledge it has produced.

Participation in the event is free of charge and registration is open. To register and to get further information, please click here.

Europe The work leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme under Grant Agreement No. 308497
Project RAMSES - Reconciling Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable Development for Cities.